Talking and walking!!

Welcome, welcome, welcome!!

It’s been awhile hasn’t it? After the holiday rush, I needed some time to take care of family and rejuvenate….. now, I am back!!!

I know I’ve been saying for awhile that Ann Easterling Photography is getting a facelift.. but guess what, It’s going to happen!!!!! I’m in the works of putting some great touches to my site and I’m full of creative and innovative ideas for shoots that will knock your socks off. I have been purchasing new equipment, and I’ve been in negotiations with important people. 

It seems like I have abandoned my blog, but really, I’ve just been laying low for awhile .  I will be posting some photos this weekend/next week.

Let’s make this a spectacular year, full of great memories, love and full of life!!!  I’m enthusiastic to be a photographer, and I have new referral specials as well as a January/Feb special.

email me for details..    

There will also be new galleries and new ideas posted. I’m starting a trash the dress shoot, a highschool senior program, boudoir, and birth photography.

I’m taking all of this head on, so hold on to your socks, because I promise they will be rocked!!!!  Book soon!


~ by anneasterling1 on January 29, 2010.

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