Prayers, and thanking God!!

Some of you may know what happened last weekend with our sweet daughter Madison, and I’m here to inform the rest of you about my lack of posting and lack of photoshoots lately. Last saturday Madison fell ill, and had to be rushed by ambulance with a 106 fever and fiebral seizures. It was the scariest thing I have EVER been through in my life and I hope I never have to go through it again.

She is slowly getting better, and we recently found out that she developed an ear infection as well. I hope it goes away soon. She still isn’t sleeping. Jon and I find ourselves feeling like we have a newborn all over again! The only way I’ve been getting my sweetheart to sleep is if she is sleeping on my stomach on the couch… no idea why.

Nonetheless, I am so very thankful to have my little girl fighting through this and happy that she’s beginning to look and feel like herself again. Special thanks to my clients who have stood by my side through this matter and have patiently waited for their photos, and to my clients who rescheduled without a hitch and was understandably wonderful.

Take care, and of each other,


~ by anneasterling1 on December 4, 2009.

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